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WB Primary TET 2022 Notification: Eligibility, Exam Pattern, and Important Dates

WB Primary TET 2022 Notification
The West Bengal Primary TET 2022 Notification has been released. The WB Primary TET is scheduled to be held on 11th December, 2022. This is a competitive examination for the posts of Primary Teacher in the West Bengal state. The eligibility criteria, exam pattern,...

How to study on the day prior to our exam?

How to Study 1 Day Before Exam
This article is dedicated to all the students who are appearing for the board exams this year. We hope that your preparations are complete and you are revising the subject. Previously, we had published an article on revision techniques. Now, the main question which...

Last Minute Revision Tips For Board Exam

Tips to do Last Minute Revision
Hi friends here is the new edition of the exam series and this article will focus mainly on revision techniques. We keep learning all subject material throughout the year, but remembering all the topics until the day of the exam is a big task....

Board exam preparation tips for students

Preparation for the board exams
Board exams are on their way. Are you feeling stressed out right now, not able to concentrate on your goals, worried about your scores, you might be in need of some guidelines and tips, right! Don't worry exams are a crucial part of a...

Math Answer Writing Techniques For The Students

Math Paper Presentation Tips
Mathematics is a subject which most students fear of. But it is one of the most scoring subjects. With lots of practice, a proper understanding of the concept, you can definitely excellent it. But one thing we don't focus is on the presentation part. Math...

Science Paper Answer Writing Tips For Students

Science Paper Presentation
This article is dedicated to all the students are appearing for the board exam this year. Friends, many of you study day and night for exams. Do everything that you can but still fall short somewhere. Your scores do not reflect your hard work....

English Answer Writing Tips For Students

English Paper Answer Writing Tips For Students
Hello friends, we have written a set of articles to help students with the exams which includes a variety of topics. And we received a lot of comments from students asking for English paper presentation tips. English as a language is very important. Apart...

Every Parent Should Know These Study Tips For Their Children

Help your child to study
Board exams! As a parent, you’ve multiple roles to play. And your child's exam is like your role. You might also be equally stressed. With so much competition around you might be even more worried about their performance of their scores. Are you finding ways...

Techniques of Making Notes During Exams

Techniques of making notes
Before we begin, I want you to observe these two images given above this paragraph very carefully. Could you relate to it? So what is the topic that we are going to address today? Yes, friends, it is the technique of making notes. It...

How to Memorize Long Answers Quickly

How to Memorize Long Answers Quickly
Many students want to know the secret of how they can memorize long answers in a short time. See, memorizing long answers is not as difficult as you think, but returning them for a longer period of time is the toughest task. 5 tips to...

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