Board exams are on their way. Are you feeling stressed out right now, not able to concentrate on your goals, worried about your scores, you might be in need of some guidelines and tips, right! Don’t worry exams are a crucial part of a current education system. With so much writing on the outcomes, it’s quite obvious that many would experience stress and pressure. But one must learn to put the negative feelings aside and concentrate on your learning goals. So here I give you certain tips or say some guidelines that would help you to be well organized and prepare well for your exams.

How to prepare for the board exams?

Preparation for the board exams

How can I prepare myself a few months before the board exam?

There are a few things which you must be doing a few months before your exams. Some just a day prior to your exam and some during your exam. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Board Exam Preparation

1. Start Revision

Now that there are only a few months left, you all must start your revision work. Try to do it chapter-wise for each subject and try not to study just one subject the whole day – instead, make a combination of subjects to make the learning process more interesting. Also while studying – highlight points, mark important questions, keep a habit of making flowcharts, note down all the formulas on one page, this would serve as your handwritten notes for last-minute revision. If you’re already done doing all these things, keep a habit of reading chapters from your textbook.

2. Solve previous year question papers

Solving previous year’s question papers will help you a lot. Try to a lot the specified times and solve the paper as if you are appearing for it during exams.

3. Become your own teacher

I would also suggest you to check your own paper, become your own teacher so that you can rank yourself. You would even know your weakness and strength and could avoid any silly mistake if you are making one. If you find any particular topic difficult, you may discuss it with your friends as they may have a good understanding of the topic and might help you as well. You may even share your knowledge as teaching is the best way of learning.

Become Your Own Teacher

4. Be healthy physically and mentally

Eat healthily, avoid outside food and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Please don’t indulge in any activities that would cause any injury to you. Just take care of yourself. Being healthy is not just about your physical help.

Find time for yourself, take 15 minutes for yourself, close your eyes, seat calm and quiet. Meditate to destress yourself.

Note:  My dear friends, it’s not necessary that you follow this the very same way. You may stick with your own way of studying, just consider it as a small guideline.

How do you prepare yourself a day before the exam?

Now let’s look at things which we need to keep in mind just a day before the exam.

1. Checklist before a week of the exam

Take multiple copies of your examination entrance card and keep it safe. Check your stationery, make sure about the location of the exam centre. – How to reach there, time taken from your residence, extra. Also, make sure that you check your seat number and block number in the list provided by the school.

2. Last-minute preparation

Do only last-minute revisions which you have already prepared. Don’t read anything extra. Be satisfied with whatever you know. And do not fall prey to any rumours, like the question paper getting leaked or stuff like that.

3. Sleep Well

Make sure that you sleep well on time – a good sleep is very essential. Or else you may attempt to have a headache or might even get distracted or fail to concentrate during a paper.

4. Checklist before going to the exam hall

Certain points are to be noted on the day of your exam. Don’t leave your home without having breakfast – it’s something lite and healthy. But make sure that you eat. Carry a bottle of water, drink adequate water to stay hydrated. Wear loose comfortable clothes. Reach your exam centre well in advance. Keep calm and be confident, pray to God.

5. What to do after getting the question paper and the answer booklet

Read instructions on the answer sheet and listen carefully to the invigilator. Check the number of pages in your answer book. Check whether all the pages are ruled properly. Be careful while filling in all the details in your answer booklet – in case of any doubt please ask. Check whether your question paper was printed on both sides. While attempting, please write the question number correctly and also the sub-questions. Attempt extra questions only after you finish the main questions.

Students giving exam

Last word

Don’t get distracted, don’t talk to your nabour, or indulge in any activity that would be considered copy case. All right, that’s it. I hope you found it really useful. We’ve more articles on study tips. Such as English paper presentations, math paper presentations, answer writing strategies, etc.



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