Hello friends, we have written a set of articles to help students with the exams which includes a variety of topics. And we received a lot of comments from students asking for English paper presentation tips. English as a language is very important. Apart from it being a subject in our schools and colleges – it is the official language in many countries and is the most widely used spoken language. So, if you focus on the subject right from your school days it will greatly benefit you in your future. So without wasting any time let’s see some important points that are to be kept in mind while writing your English exams.

Things to remember while writing answers in your English exams

English Paper Answer Writing Tips For Students

Formatting the Answer Sheet

Drawing margins are not a great importance when it comes to English paper. As we do not have to do any calculations or rough work. You may draw a very narrow margin on the right side. Please note, this is again optional.

Formatting the Answer Sheet For English Answer Writing

While writing please keep your alignment proper that is start everything from the left and right everything one below the other very neatly. Write the question numbers correctly and start a new question on a new page. But you may continue the sab-questions one after the other. Leave a line after each answer, write your answers considering the marks – that is if it is a one or two mark question, please keep your answer short and precise. Don’t write paragraphs of the paragraphs.

Answer writing technique

See the word limit and marks while writing the answers. In language paper, importance is given to neet presentation and handwriting. So, keep a steady speed and good handwriting throughout.

Carefully writing the answer

Also, it is preferred to write the answers section-wise in the correct order, as it will be easier for the examiner to check your paper. But if you feel like attempting the second section first. You may leave the required space for the first section and start with the second one. Please be careful while doing that and don’t mixture between sections.

Ok, now let’s see some section-wise tips. Maybe any board of grade English paper is majorly divided into four sections as you can see here

Section 1:

Answering Comprehensive Questions

Student reading the passage

Which is the reading section. When a passage or comprehension is given, students normally read the passage twice, thrice, and waste a lot of time. Instead of doing that read the questions first and try to register the keywords then you read the passage and check for the keywords and there you find your answers. If there are questions to complete the statements, write the entire statement and underline the answer. For do as directed questions, write the question and its correct answer. If there is a personal response question, try to answer it in a positive way.

Section 2:

Answering Questions on Poem

Answering Questions on Poem

Here again, you have to do the same thing first take a quick glance at the questions and then carefully read the poem. Here knowing the figure of speech, rhyming words, and rhyme skill is very important. They will be Sureshot questions on these topics, so be through with that.

Section 3:

Solving Grammar

Solving English Grammar

One of the best ways of learning grammar and vocabulary is reading or speaking in English. One must also know the various rules for solving the do as directed part. If you find the section difficult then I would suggest you to read and practice more and more questions. Vocabulary is the key to Powerful writing. Full learn new words, understand your meaning and the usage in speaking and writing.

Section 4:

Writing skills

Writing Skill Format

This is the section with most students find difficult as the topic some not known to them and they have to think and write. Again a variety of questions can be asked in each answer has a fixed format. You can enhance and prepare yourself by reading the newspaper and other related articles for any current event. You may also refer some books for various topics of essays. Also, learn some quotes or a few stanzas of Poems by famous authors. So that you may start your essay with that it’s a very nice way to impress your examiner. Think of some general scenario like various seasons, the thrill of the first rain or your experience of a hot sunny day, any scenery, nature or any uncertain event that you have faced, etc, as you can wisely fit them anywhere you want. You may even describe a person, a particular situation, or even show some conversation between two people to increase the length of your essay.¬†Ok, so let’s move forward and see some rules for various questions as in the writing skills.

Letter Writing

Informal Letter

Informal Letter:

First, talk about letter writing. In the case of informal letters, we have to write the sender’s address and the date in the right-hand corner, please check the alignment. The next important thing is the salutation, which is basically written on the left-hand side then comes the main body. Write the letter in different paragraphs, you simple and short statements and complete the letter in a logical flow, like they have to be an introduction. The middle paragraph should convey why the letter is written and at the end, there should be a concluding paragraph.

At the end, comes to subscription part, where you politely and the latter, put a comma at the end and your name. If the name is not mentioned, you may write ‘XYZ’.

Formal letter:

Formal Letter

Now coming to formal letters. First, we write the sender’s address at the top right corner of the page with the date at the end, again see the alignment then we write the receivers address on the left-hand corner, here please note, we write it as ‘To,’ on the next line ‘The secretary’ or ‘The principal’ or ‘The Commissioner’ and followed by the address.

Formal Letter

The next and very important thing is the subject, the reason why you are writing the letter. We write it this way, you may even underline it to give more emphasis. Then comes the salutation path followed by the main body of the letter which has to be short, clear, and precise. There has to be a complimentary closing, like this: ‘Thanking you’ in anticipation, ‘Thank you for taking the time to read the letter’ etc. Then at the end comes the subscription, with the sender’s name. Please note: never use an apostrophe (‘) with yours in the subscription. Also note, if you are writing a letter for a job application please don’t forget to box your resume.

Notice writing

Notice writing

Let’s see the format for notice writing. First, at the center of the page, you have to write the name of the school, institution, or company. Then you write ‘NOTICE’, all and capitals in the center then you mention the date in this format (21st January 2022) – followed by a title which basically should be relevant and eye-catching. Then comes the main body which should cover all the information like what, when, where, from whom etc. Again be very specific and precise. At the end, you have to write the name and the designation of the issuing authority – normally it is given in the question itself.

Report writing

report writing

Moving forward to the format of report writing. A report is a brief or complete note of a past event. You first give the heading followed by the writer of the report. Both these are to be written at the center, then towards your left, you will write the place and date. Then comes the main body, right in paragraphs, be brief and to the point. If it is based on an event then report it in the order in which things happened and it should be written in the past tense as it is a completed event. Ok! That’s it for report writing.

Dialogue writing

Dialogue Writing

Now, the preferred format for dialogue writing is like this. Where you are showing a conversation between two people. Indent the paragraph for different speakers – as you are showing a direct dialogue use all the punctuations correctly and involve a variety of statements in your conversation.

Essay writing

Essay writing

Now, if a question is asked to expand an idea or write an essay. Select those topics which you have some prior knowledge of so that you can write better about it and you don’t waste a lot of time thinking. Like I said earlier, start with a quote or a poem to create a good impression and then you may continue the topic in different paragraphs. Ok, again please check the word limit and marks and write it accordingly.

Story writing

Story Writing

Moving to the next topic of story writing. If the start of the story is given keep it that way and then frame a series of logical events and try ending it on a positive note. And of the end of the story is given then depending on the conclusion you have to develop a plot justifying the trend. Here are giving a relevant title and writing the moral of the story is very important. Ok, don’t forget that.

So, friends, these were a few formats for writing skills and some general tips to present to English papers. I hope the article was helpful to you and if you have any doubts you may post through comments. Goodbye!


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