Board exams! As a parent, you’ve multiple roles to play. And your child’s exam is like your role. You might also be equally stressed. With so much competition around you might be even more worried about their performance of their scores.

Are you finding ways by which you can help them or guide them? We are joining hands with you for the sake of the next generation and would like to share some important things with you which would be like a helping hand.

Study Tips For Children – Every Parent Should Know It

Study Tips For Children

1. Trust your child

It is said, behind every child who believed in himself is a parent who believed first. So, believe in your child. Understand the fact that every child is different. Don’t compare them with others. Stress is bad for your mental health. Don’t pressurize or over-exert them.

Child's studies

2. Help your child to study

They need your time and attention. So, please enquire about your child’s studies. Check whether they have all the study materials with them. Also organizing their schedule is the mast. Help them by making a proper timetable where they get enough break along with their studies. Help them rise. They need your support and encourage them to work hard, appreciate their efforts. Help them to eat healthily, check their food habits. Make the food which they like. So, that they avoid eating outside food.

Help your child to study

3. Teach Meditation To Your Child

Early to bed is a good practice. So, check whether they are getting enough sleep. Meditation brings wisdom. And great a habit of meditation in them by performing it with them. It would help you as well as them to relieve stress. Silence is golden, please ensure that you create a disturbance-free environment for that.

Teach Meditation To Your Child

4. Support to do the preparation for the upcoming exam

Help them with their revision work and take care that they get enough writing practice before the exam. Accompanied them whenever you can. Visit the exam centre one or two days prior to the exam. Also, when you go to leave them to the exam centre, please stay there till the exam starts – until you make sure everything is fine. As am I need you in case of an emergency? Be well prepared, keep a copy of the examination and discard it with you. Ensure that your child is carrying all the required stationary and examination entrance cards along with them.

Preparation for the upcoming exam

5. Encourage them

Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their talents at different intervals. So, If your child didn’t perform well for one paper, don’t scold them. Instead, encourage them to do better for the next papers.

Encourage Students

These are a few things which as a parent you need to remember or take care of. This will indeed help you to be a good mentor or a guide for your own child. Thanks.


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