Many students want to know the secret of how they can memorize long answers in a short time. See, memorizing long answers is not as difficult as you think, but returning them for a longer period of time is the toughest task.

5 tips to memorize long answers quickly

How to Memorize Long Answers Quickly

During the examination, a student has to write the answers accurately with fast speed but if a student takes more time in reconnecting the answers then he or she may not finish his or her paper in time. Which leads to poor grades in the exam. If that’s your case then don’t you worry. Because today, in this article we are going to give you 5 easy and effective tips that will help you to remember long answers in a short period of time. so let’s start

1. Use daily life examples:

Study Everyday

If you can learn from daily life examples, you can really feel how is it becomes to learn long answers. But don’t miss the fun part. Just try to be imaginative and connect dots with your surrounding things in a tick list method. This process is very effective because examples from daily life are not difficult to remember. Also, anything which is learned through fun is memorized quickly and not forgotten for a longer period of time.

2. Read out loudly:

This trick works well with long answers as well as short answers. So, just read out loudly while studying or reading. You can try this by reading a sentence or two from a book and then speaking the words out loud. Reading answers loudly will help you to remember information quickly also it has been proven that reading decreases the stress level by 68%.

3. Create a visual image:

The key is to not just read the answer over and over again but also to use your mind’s eye when you glans at it. When you look at the answer imagine that you are in the room where it is being said or imagine yourself in a walkthrough of what’s happening or what is about to happen. The more detail you can visualize at this moment the better chance you have of remembering it later on.

4. Divide the answer:

You can divide your answer into smaller parts because it has been proven that splitting up your long answers in chunks is beneficial for long-term retention also it helps to grasp the information quickly.

5. Understand and write it down:

Focused Student

First, understand the answer which you need to memorize faster this will give you a clear idea of what you are reading and it will also be helpful in case you forget something during the exam. After understanding the answer you can write it down on a paper because it has been proven that writing something is equal to reading 7 times. Also, students who write and learn something remember it more effectively compared to those who just read and review.

So, these were the tips that help you to remember long answers in a short period of time. Inculcate these tips in your life and transform yourself from a mediocre to a topper student. Hope you like this article. Thank you.



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