This article is dedicated to all the students who are appearing for the board exams this year. We hope that your preparations are complete and you are revising the subject. Previously, we had published an article on revision techniques. Now, the main question which arises in our mind is what we must study or revise on the day prior to our exam. It’s not possible for us to complete the entire subject in one day. So, what are the things that we must focus on? Let’s see them subject-wise.

How to Study 1 Day Before Exam?

How to Study 1 Day Before Exam

How to study science subjects?

First talking about science, read the chapter summary on the concept map given at the end of the chapter. Then read only those questions which you have marked important or difficult while studying.

How to study science subjects

Don’t spend time on reading the objective questions. Instead, read the long answers of brief answer questions, as the objective questions will automatically get covered. Go through important formulae and solve at least one problem from different numerical. And solve means, we have to literally solve using a pen and paper. Practice diagrams along with their labeling – this includes even the ray diagrams of Physics. Ok, check all the important chemical equations, this can be done while revising the answers. After doing all this if you still have time, then you can go through the frequently asked questions from previous year’s question papers, alright!

How to study math?

Student Doing Math

Now, moving on to the subject of math. Go through important concepts from all the different chapters. If you have prepared a separate sheet with all the formulas in it then it is best to go through it once. Solve at least one question from each exercise, again you literally solve. Just run through all the theorems and proofs, learn it logically that you remember all the steps during exams. If you have marked some important questions while studying or like if there is any question which has some trick then go through it once. Go through and practice the rules for construction is there any.

How to study language papers?

How to study language papers

Now, for languages, learn all the grammar rules. Go through passages and formats of writing skills. For languages, apart from the subject of English, knowing the chapters’ names and author names is equally important, so remember all that.

How to study social science subjects?

How to study social science subjects

Moving onto Social Sciences, remembering the dates of the timeline is very important, relate it to some events and try to remember them. Knowing the locations and map plotting is important, so learn all that. Read-only the important questions. Again, focus on the long answer questions and not the objective questions as it will automatically get covered. Focus on frequently asked questions from the previous year’s question papers.


So friends, here I end my writing and please remember on the last day just read or brush up the important topics only. And don’t read any new topic or try to learn any new stuff by comparing it with your friends. Be satisfied with whatever you have learned. Ok, I hope these tips were useful. If you like the article, please share it with your friends. All the best for your upcoming exams.


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