Hi friends here is the new edition of the exam series and this article will focus mainly on revision techniques. We keep learning all subject material throughout the year, but remembering all the topics until the day of the exam is a big task. Proper and continuous revision can help us achieve that. So, let’s quickly see some studying and revision techniques that will be an effective tool for remembering all our concepts.

Revision techniques – tips to do last minute revision

Tips to do Last Minute Revision

1. Repetition – Read repeatedly the same topic

First, repetition is one way of reviving where you read and repeat the same topic multiple times still here through with that or you may revise things at frequent intervals. Here I would suggest reading the answers loud than reading it in mind.

2. Write to do better revision

Write to do better revision

Another way or say the most common way of doing revision is writing down what you have learned. You need not always right the entire answer and practice. Just make bullet points, flowcharts, tree diagrams, trying to reconnect all the points.

Flow chart or diagram

These forms are part of visual memory, just by remembering that flow chart or diagram you will be able to write the entire answer.

3. Note Taking

One must have the habit of making separate subject-wise notes for your own reference. Where you write the answers the way you can remember it. And it will act as a quick reference guide for your last-minute revision. So try to summarise the entire chapter in just one or two pages.

4. Mind Mapping

If there are any connected topics then you may even make a mind map to collate all the concepts related to them.

Mind Map

But if you feel making these charts and notes is a time-consuming process, then you may put the habit of marking points on the book itself.

5. Highlight important points

Highlight important points and line the main heading, mark key points or do any related things which will help you relate that answer. We do not encourage the technique of making mnemonics, acronyms, etc. As logic should be the basis for understanding a topic, but if that helps you and you are used to doing it then you may follow that. It is said that to teach to learn twice.

Highlighting Important Points

6. Disqus with friends/teachers

Do your revision work by explaining answers like the teacher. You may do the same thing with your friend, teacher friend. If group studies help you then divide the work amongst a group, explain answers to each other, ask each other questions, discuss things and help each other in the things which you will find difficult.

Study Tips

So, friends, these are a few revision techniques you may choose the one which best suits you. Also, remember mugging up answers is not the way of studying. Read and understand the topic in a logical way and yes just be confident and rock your exams. If you like the article, please share it with your friends. Thank you.



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