Mathematics is a subject which most students fear of. But it is one of the most scoring subjects. With lots of practice, a proper understanding of the concept, you can definitely excellent it. But one thing we don’t focus is on the presentation part.

Math Answer Writing Techniques and Paper Presentation

Math Paper Presentation Tips

1. Importance of Paper Presentation

You might ask, is presentation important for math? It’s just full of calculations and prof. But friends, presentation is very important. As it can help you score full marks. Like if you see below there are two papers on algebra and geometry. Let’s compare them and see some points which you need to keep in mind while writing your paper.

Math Answer Writing Techniques

2. How to present a Math paper

Drawing margins are very important. As there are chances that the edges of the paper might dare. And the things within at this side won’t be visible. Before you get your question paper, you may get some time. So you can utilize that by drawing trigonometric tables at the end of the page. Where space is provided for rough work.

Place for rough work in the answer sheet

3. Formatting the answer

Write the number of questions and sub-questions correctly. Put the final answer of a particular question in a box. And as far as possible, try to write the answer in the way the question is asked. Like if it’s a statement, write the answer in statement form. Avoid making mistakes on the first page. Also if you make any just put one line and cut it, don’t scribble on it. Try to keep your paper as neat as possible. Like if you see below everything is written properly. All the equal to (=) sign in the middle and the equation the return on the other side. It looks very neat, right!

Formatting the answer

4. Drawing Graph

And, when there are questions on the graph, you need to fill all the details on the graph paper and then make sure that you write the question number on the graph paper, then writing the scale is very important. Also, don’t forget to mention the ‘x’ and ‘y’ axis and the zero (0) there. And at the end when you turn your graph paper to the main answer sheet, don’t tie it at the end. As there are chances that it might get detached. So, keep it inside your answer book, adjacent to the answer, and tie it.

Drawing Graph

5. Drawing Diagrams

Draw diagrams wherever possible. And please draw using a pencil only. Label it correctly and write the measures correctly. For questions on Statistics, draw tables using a pencil only. Do the calculation part at the end. And please be careful when you copy the figures. Just don’t interchange the digits.

Drawing Diagrams

6. Geometry Presentation

In geometry, with the value of pie as given the question if it is not mentioned then you the value which is easier for calculation. Also check the positive and negative signs in the question, as well as your final answer. And writing units is very important like it is given cm and mm mention that. And if it is not mentioned put units. Make sure that you are not using any shortcuts for equations, similarly, etc. Write the complete thing. If possible try to present your answer in the form given to find the formula and the final solution.

Geometry Presentation

7. Presenting the final answer

Friends if you see below despite of presenting the papers so neatly. The student has written the final answer on the last line. At times in a chance that the edge might dare. So, don’t try till the end, leave one or two lines or you may just continue it on the next page.

Don't write till the last line

8. Don’t waste time

And suppose that you are stuck with some answers. You are not able to solve it then don’t waste your time by redoing it. Leave some space and continue the further questions. And at the end, if time permits, you may again come back and solve it. And please go through your paper once you finish writing. Check whether you have attended to all the questions and returned the question number correctly.

Student Math Problem

So, these were a few guidelines that you need to remember. Please be careful while doing the calculation part, revise the formulae and yes, practice a lot. You will surely score well. Before you leave please read our article on Science paper presentation, English answer writing tips, and some examination tips – it will definitely help you. Wish you good luck. Thank you.


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