This article is dedicated to all the students are appearing for the board exam this year. Friends, many of you study day and night for exams. Do everything that you can but still fall short somewhere. Your scores do not reflect your hard work. One main reason for this could be for paper presentation. So, today let’s focus to improve this skill. Let’s begin.

How do you present your science paper to the examiner?

Science Paper Presentation

1. Before you start writing your paper

The moment you get your answer sheet, the first thing you should do it – check whether all the pages are ruled and proper. Then fill in the required details correctly. Before you start writing your paper drawing margins is very important. As there are chances that the edges might dare. Also when you try your supplement the things written at the edge here will not be visible property to the examiner.

2. Does and don’t of the Science paper presentation

Now comes the actual writing part. Here we have to answer booklets of science subjects by comparing them. We will see certain does and don’t of the paper presentation. Write your paper by using blue or black ballpoint pens only. Do not use any other colours, like Red or Green – they are normally used by examiners and moderators.

Also, don’t try using two different inks. If you are writing with blue ink continue the entire paper using that. And if your pen doesn’t work, you must have an extra pen of the same colored ink. Write the number of the questions and overlay sub-questions correctly. While answering objective-type questions underline the answer or you can put them in small boxes like below.

3. Formatting The Answer Sheet

Please do not use such designs for them. Use only one pattern throughout that question. Friends, please avoid making mistakes on the first page at least. Remember, the first impression is sometimes the last impression. Now, if there is a question on distinguishing or difference between two things – you may write it like below by making two different columns. And for 2 marks, write at least 4 points. Also, try giving examples. And yes, please use only pencils for making columns. Don’t use the pen, like how it is done in the paper below.

Distinguishing or difference between two things

4. Draw diagrams

In the subject of science, diagram the very important, right! You must draw a neat diagram using a pencil only. Also giving a proper title and labeling the path is very important. You can put them in boxes like below to make it even better.

5. Write everything pointwise

Next, for a brief answer or short note, write everything pointwise. It not only looks neat but also would make it easier for the examiner to read. You will also highlight important points by underlining that. And suppose if you have written anything wrong or made a mistake, don’t cancel it like below. It looks very shabby, untidy, right! Instead, put a line on it and rewrite the correct word.

Write everything pointwise

6. Make flowcharts

Where you have to give a reason, always rewrite the statement first and then add the word because before you give appropriate reasons. Then you may also write long answers by making flowcharts or any relevant diagrams like below.

And suppose if you have written an entire answer wrong, don’t cut it like below.

Draw just one diagonal line across the answer and rewrite the correct answer. As much as possible try not to leave such blank pages in between. Also, take care that you don’t put SMS language – write each word completely.

7. No misleading statements, please

Do not write anything irrelevant in your answer book, like any of your personal details. And yes, an important thing please go through your paper once you finish writing. Check whether you have attempted all the questions and have written the question number correctly – very important.


Alright, these are some of the main points that you need to keep in mind while presenting your paper. You will surely impress your examiner with these presentation skills. And it will complement the content in your paper thereby helping you to score full marks on each answer. We also have a separate article on English paper presentation and you can read this. Stay tuned, good luck.


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