We have different subjects in our syllabus and each subject has different interesting elements. Like science has experiments, procedures, diagrams, math has different formulae and constructions. In Social Studies, we have to remember the dates and location of a different event and so on. When it comes to exams we need to remember all these aspects of different chapters together. And for most of us, it is a task – isn’t it? So in today’s article, we have come up with some tips that will help you learn a particular chapter thoroughly. You can study without tuition. Let’s begin…

8 unique study tips to study better

study tips

#1. How to read the chapters?

The 1st step is to read the chapter thoroughly. This is applicable for all theory subjects. Now, there are a few things that you must do while you are reading. Try to understand the different concepts as much as you can. If there is a portion that you did not understand put a cross on the heading just for your reference. This will be and an indicator for you to revisit it again.

Highlights important points

Highlights important dates, events, facts, definitions, etc. This will help you to make notes. So, when you actually sit to make notes you need not read the entire chapter again. The important points are marked and kept read.

#2. Read the highlighted points or key points

Read the highlighted points

Once you finish reading the chapter, read the key points given at the back of the chapter. Most of the textbooks and chapters and key points for references. Read that and see if you can recall those concepts mentioned there. Check if you have marked all those concepts.

#3. Practice Exercise Questions

Now, we have exercise questions mentioned at the end of the chapter. Or examples for our reference, open that and see what are the types of questions generally asked in the question from that chapter. How many questions can you answer just by reading the chapter once? Put a tick mark on that. This will be an indicator for you that you already know the answer for the same and may not spend a lot of time.

#4. Revised the cross-marked concepts

The next step is to re-read the concepts that you have marked as a cross. Check if you can understand it by reading it again. If not, watch an online video or check any other references which explain the concept in a much simpler manner. And after you do that immediately write it down in your book or a place where you maintain your notes in your own words. This will be useful for your future references. Answers you are writing it in your own words in a step-by-step manner. It will be easy for you to recollect it as well.

#5. Study Commonly Asked Questions

Study Commonly Asked Questions

Study the different answers that are typically asked. If you feel the questions mentioned at the end of the chapter what too simple, you can use other reference materials. These will give you exposure to a wide variety of questions.

#6. Steps to study Maths

Steps to study Maths

Now, specific steps are to be taken for the subject of math. In math, you definitely can read the step and understand how it is to be done. But the most important is practice. As a first step, solve a problem that is already solved and given to you. You might ask why should we do this? This is just to check if you can recollect the steps. Check if you haven’t missed any steps and also if you are stuck at some point, you will have an immediate reference to check and continue. Then practice and solve each type of question and ensure that you’ve solved 2-3 numerical of each type.

Maintain a formula and steps look. You keep adding different formulas for each chapter, one after the other in that same book of paper. I would also recommend that you add important steps to solve different problems. While you do all these if there is a numerical which has some trick or twist give it a special sign and mark it. This is especially important for your exams. Marking this will tell you that there was something significant about this numerical. Let me solve it once again and see if I can recollect the trick.

#7. Tricks to study science subjects

Science Study at home

Now when it comes to science, note down important steps, chemical formulas, or physics numerical separately on your sheet for your future reference. Solve the numerical and practice them. Learn to draw the diagram, electric circuits, re-diagram, etc.

#8. How to study social studies

Student Taking Notes

Note the dates of important historical events on one page and also put tricks to correlate and remember them. One important thing my friend, just noting these dates, formulas, events on one page is not enough. It will not help us unless you visit them, go through them and frequent intervals. Make that a habit or paste it from where you can easily see them and read them again and again.


Doing all these steps and taking all these steps will ensure that you have known the chapter thoroughly. Read the textbook as many times as you can and it will really help you. These may be the secret to becoming a class topper. Try doing the same and let us know if it helped you and if you are already doing the same then good work guys. So friend, here we end the article. If you feel it will benefit you then you can share it with your friends and don’t forget to leave a comment. Thanks!



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