Hope you are thinking studying with tuitions is impossible or there is no possibility do a better result by doing self-study. But, it is a myth. If you can make your own decision to do your own work, then you can do better result by doing self-study. By the way, today, I’ll be sharing with you all how to do self-study.

So, no matter if we go to the most expensive or prestigious classes or if we have the best teachers in the best school, self-studying is still important.

When should you keep tuitions?

Only the time, when the resources are not available, you don’t have enough time to research, the subject is extremely difficult – so that’s the only time to keep tuitions. Otherwise, you should never. The only thing you should do is self-studying.

7 Tips on Study without Tuition and do better result

Study without tuition
Study without tuition

1. Writing down the syllabus

Whether you are a college student or a normal regular 1st to 10th standard student – write down your syllabus with weightage. Weighted is really important, that will give you an idea of which chapters are more important and to focus on. Your 70% of the paper is basically on your 20% to 30% of the portion.

So, weightage is really important. Do not skip out on that because that way you will get to know which chapters to prioritize and which chapters to skip on.

2. Read Textbooks

Reading a Textbook
Reading a Textbook

I personally really like textbooks sometimes. If I’m on a budget like I don’t have the money to buy textbooks – I’ll print them out it’s literally like one-fourth of the original price of the textbook. And if you’re someone who doesn’t even want to go that way, they can download PDF. Easily PDFs are available online. Or you can take a book from your friend and PDF the entire textbook or just the chapters which are important for you.

3. Read the Chapter & Highlight

Now, when you’re reading the for the first time, I really want you to just read the chapter highlight the important things which you feel are important in the first impression. Now, I like to use two highlighters. One highlighter, I’ll be using for the main points. So main points are basically the points which are very prominent you can easily know of course these are important to know and then the other highlighter I use to just highlight the words whose meanings I need to find out. You can use Google or you can use a dictionary whatever you prefer. But yeah do use two different highlighters.

Highlight Main Points
Highlight Main Points

And after you are done with the first reading the second reading you know. You can actually read the chapter more properly. And you know get to know just to fit understand the things and yes you can understand the chapter by just reading it, a lot of people can. But now if you’re a student who didn’t understand anything by reading – YouTube is for your rescue. You’ll get a lot of free YouTube videos. You just need to type the chapter name and I’m sure a minimum of five videos you will find on any lectures or anyone explaining it. There are so many different YouTubers, who do that like professional teachers. These days in online classes nobody teaches by just reading out the PDF. So, do give a short to the YouTube.

4. Taking Notes

Of course, writing notes are very important. It’s a major part of the self-study session. I write notes like if I’m in a proper study mode I’ll just pick up a paper and start writing notes.

Taking Notes
Taking Notes

You need to make your notes a little aesthetic. It’s not important but just something that I like. So you can add some colors and highlighters.

NOTE: Writing notes may be un-effective while memorizing.

5. Proof-reading your notes

Rewrite your notes or mistakes. So, you can focus on the mistake or maybe the thing that you’re very weak on. Let’s say you are week on one of the history chapters, week on the biology chapter. Rewrite the note of that chapter or just simply rewrite. I am an extremely aesthetic learner. The more I write, the more I learn. I think it’s because when I was young my Mom used to make me write spellings 5/10 times that’s how I have come out now. So even if my exam is tomorrow if I’ll write something 2/3 times, I’m damn sure I’ll be remembering it tomorrow and probably for the next year without forgetting it. So, I highly suggest you all to rewrite it. I absolutely believe in this kinesthetic learning. Obviously, people have different learning methods like audio learning and visual learning. You can try it out. But do give a chance to the kinesthetic learning method.

6. Skim Reading

Skim Reading - Reading Highlights
Skim Reading – Reading Highlights

Now reading the textbook again is important. After you’re done with your note-taking sessions and learning everything, do give a short on skim-reading again your entire chapter. Usually, what I do before attending any exams, you know you get that 20-30 minutes free time. In that time I’ll just skim read like I’m not even reading I’m just moving my fingers down and forth and it kind of really helps. It’s like a quick brush-up. So, I feel that it really helps me it’s just like you’re glancing at everything. once I remember that scene from the Robot movie where he just like glances at everything once. It doesn’t work properly but it does help.

7. Solve Past Papers

Solve Past Papers
Solve Past Papers

I cannot even tell you, I have literally spent six months of my 12th grade for just solving fast papers. I had like two big thick books of solved past papers which I actually gave to my junior because it was very effective. So, solve as many past papers as you can. Just one Google search away, no matter what college, what subject, you will find past papers or you can also get papers from your seniors. So, these are the self-studying tips. I hope you guys liked it and find it helpful.



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