Before we begin, I want you to observe these two images given above this paragraph very carefully. Could you relate to it? So what is the topic that we are going to address today? Yes, friends, it is the technique of making notes. It is notes or study materials that we first search for during exams are any class test. Many students find reading concepts from textbooks or other reference books very boring. And attend to borrow notes from friends at the last minute. But why do that when we can make one on our own?

Techniques of making notes

Techniques of making notes

Benefits of making notes

Making notes is a process that requires dedication. But believe me, it makes learning and understanding topics a lot simpler. Also, writing things down will help you remember it. Your notes could be a wonderful tool for revisions, especially for your exams as it is personalized. And the most important point is that you could be relaxed. You don’t have to panic while preparing for your test for any exam. So let’s begin…

1. Gather all the note-taking materials

Note-taking materials

The first thing which we need to do was gather all the note-taking materials. I would then suggest you, read the chapters thoroughly and try making a concept map of the topics of subtopics involved in the chapter. This is like summarising the chapter and finding the connecting links between the topics. It will also help you to make sure that you are not missing out on any topic while studying.

2. How to make notes

The next step starts the actual process of making notes. Note down all the important concepts and definitions. Here again, don’t mindlessly copy the exact lines from the textbook and write the whole thing. Only the main ideas are to be taken and try framing it in your own words. Use short statement symbols and abbreviations whenever possible or needed.

3. Use Colour Codes

Try colour coding things, like: write the definitions with blue ink, key points with red ink, and the remaining topic with black ink. And please don’t make it over colorful and waste a lot of time. Just use the minimum colours.

4. Highlight Points

You may highlight, underline, circle, or put a box to give extra emphasis for any points. I repeat, only the important points otherwise there will be only boxes, circles in a note. It is not always necessary to have things in written format. We can represent answers diagrammatically or by using flow charts, tree diagrams wherever possible. This would be part of a visual memory just by remembering the diagram you can relate to the whole answer.

5. Dealing with math

For the subject of math, note all the formulas and arrange them chapter-wise. Along with this, if there are any tricks, logical points for understanding then you may know them down. The same applied to theorems.

5. Dealing with History

Now, for the subject of history where dates are to be remembered. You may relate it with some events and note them down separately. Also, we need to memorize long answers in History.

6. Framing the answer sheet

Framing the answer sheet

Always remember like, if you are writing or framing an answer, please do it in three parts – an introduction, main body, and a conclusion. The introduction could be something, like a line or two describing the whole concept. the middle part will have the main answer. Try writing it point-wise. And then a concluding line. And I would also suggest you to make notes on an A4 size plane or ruled sheet over a notebook. As you can file the sheets chapter-wise and it’s needed you can add or delete them. Still, if you prefer using a notebook, you may leave a few extra pages after a chapter for any additions to be made.


Alright, so here we conclude this article with an important point that our notes should be comprehensive. That it must include everything that is needed and relevant. Yet, it should be condensed study material. We don’t want to replicate the textbook again. Our notes should be short and sweet. Ok! so friends we hope this article was useful to you and from now, you will make a have of making your own notes. And for the people who are already doing it, please continue with that. Thank you.



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